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The Passage – The fate of the worlds is in the hand of a little girl

Melihat kover bukunya, mungkin anda akan mengira bahwa The Passage adalah sebuah novel yang mengerikan. Kenyataannya memang demikian . The Passage adalah sebuah novel karya Justin Cronin yang diterbitkan di tahun 2010 yang lalu. The Passage menceritakan kisah umat manusia … Continue reading

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Merah Putih – Source code

Below is processing code for program in my previous post. A lot of explanation already given in this post. To run it, you can paste the source code into online processing sketch. Feel free to experiment with various color and … Continue reading

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Take it slow

Starting yesterday I read Fate / Zero light novel. When I reading volume 2, I found this great saying of Iskandar. I think he is become my most favorite servant in entire Fate series.

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Merah Putih

The result of simple Processing program modified from my past post. Modified while waiting for football final, Indonesia vs Malaysia, Sea Games 2011. I hope the match will be enjoyable. Update Another version is available below. I try to change … Continue reading

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Aldiko Ebook Reader

[youtube=] Aldiko is a free e-book reader application available in Android devices. With this application, you can read book, buy it, manage it, and share it only using your mobile devices. One interesting feature of Aldiko is it allows you … Continue reading

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World Cruise Story

This November, Kairosoft launch it’s fifth game on Android platform : World Cruise Story. In this simulation game, you have to manage a cruise ship. You can decorate ship interior, make it larger ,set sail you cruise to many countries, … Continue reading

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Are you young enough


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Yukikaze (Anime)

In the distant future, Earth is being invaded by a mysterious alien race known as the JAM. Though suffering heavy casualties, mankind unites and repels their advance, pushing them back to their home world of Fairy. As to not take … Continue reading

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Keep Asking

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The fun(?) side of programming

Programming is often regarded as a very complex, hence very serious, task by non-programmers. Is that true? In most cases, that is the fact. A programmers always have to dealing face-to-face with many problems. Handling never ending requirement, creating an … Continue reading

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