Are you ready, Player One?

Last week has been a hectic week. I had to prepare for my thesis presentation, which nearly screwed up by last minute problem (some “minor” problem about room placement). My mind is gone blank the instant I stand in the front of audients. Every single scenario I had prepared in my mind the day before all completely gone. Fortunately, after presenting few slides, alhamdulillah, I had been able to regain my composure and even cracked a few jokes. Well, I admit some of them are lame :P. In the next morning, I found myself sprawled in my bed without any energy left. So I do what I always do when that condition comes : read some, often a lot, of books. One of book I read is Ready Player One.

Ready Player One

Have you ever playing MMORPG? It is quite fun. You can interact with other player. Chatting, travelling, trading, battling, even dating. It is like you have another life in the world of 0 and 1. Now imagine an online simulation games, called OASIS, which contains every fictional world ever created by humanity. Imagine you able to immerse yourself into the game, seeing any virtual object with your eyes and even feel it by your hand. There are billion of people log in into OASIS, daily, to do many activities (including going to school). A simulated world that became second life for humanity.

What you think will happen if the OASIS co-founder died and left a huge sum of money that will be given to first person whom able to discover the easter egg he left behind? A massive hunt with billion participant. To win, a player must discover three key that will unlock the secret of the game. After five years after the Hunt began, no one discover it. Even evil corporation called Innovative Online Industries cannot find it. Many had though the Hunt is only joke. That is, until Wade Watts, or Parzival, an 18-year-old orphan found the first key. And then the world is going havoc.

Parzival discovery leads to a grand adventure that will decide the fate of OASIS. An adventure with friends, lover, and enemies who are willing a real murder to win the game. The adventure run through the world Dungeon of Dragon, Ghostbuster, Back to the Future and many of geek-culture references from the 1980s. If you are a gamer, or game developer, you MUST read this book :mrgreen:.

If you are not yet resolved to read this book, you can try read the first three chapter for free. Happy reading :).

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  4. gjawqnnx says:

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