Overheard in Jakarta

Nguping Jakarta

Laughter is the best medicine. If those expression is true, Nguping Jakarta is a panacea – a remedy that would cure all diseases. This book effectively will make it’s reader laugh. The only side effect known is if you read it in public space, passerby will surely give you a strange expression because of your suddenly burst of laugh. If you read this book, please make sure you are not in public place. You have been warned ;).

Nguping Jakarta is contain absurd dialog that overheard in Jakarta. The dialog is a common dialogue that you often hear. But there is a mistake – either grammatically or usage of wrong word – that make the dialogue funny. Most of dialogue is easy to understand, and I’m sure you will laugh instantly. The rest will require more thinking process to understand their absurdity.

Most of the dialogue was already published in Nguping Jakarta’s blog with addition of  extra dialogues.  “Consider it as a best of compilation with unreleased track bonus” say them in their announcement post. With over a hundred absurd dialogues, this book is definitely worth to read.

If laughter dose in the book is not enough yet, you can always read Nguping Jakarta blog or follow their twitter account. If you overheard any absurd dialogue in Jakarta, you can also submit it into their blog or twitter. Have a nice read and laugh :).

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